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DGA Adapter (PLATE ONLY) for the BOG DeathGrip Tripod - No Ball Mount or Column Included

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ARCA Plate Adapter for the BOG DeathGrip™ Tripod

Is your BOG Deathgrip™ tripod collecting dust lately? It's time to get it back in action with the Adapter Kit from Little Crow Gunworks. In about 10 minutes, with simple hand tools, you can transform your obsolete tripod into one of your new favorite pieces of field equipment. (ARCA Compatible Ball Mount with 3/8" mounting point & Center Column for the Deathgrip™ Tripod - NOT INCLUDED)


All you need for installation is a 3/16" allen wrench.

This kit features our proprietary Black, Hard-Coat Anodized 6061 Aluminum ARCA Plate adapter for the Deathgrip™ clamp. You need to supply an appropriate Ball Mount that has a 3/8" mounting thread on the bottom and an ARCA slot on the top. We DO NOT recommend using ANY ball mount with a 1/4" mounting thread and a thread converter. We firmly believe a 1/4" bolt is completely inadequate for this application. A 1/4" bolt will certainly hold the ball mount in place, but accidents happen. What if your tripod tips over with your rifle on it. Let's say the tripod lands on a rock or some other HARD STOP and that 1/4" bolt snaps off in the ball mount. Now what?

Exactly! Now what? Well, your tripod is headed to the bed of the truck for the rest of your trip, that's what. Buy a bigger ball mount with a 3/8" mounting thread and be done with it.

When the BOG Deathgrip™ first came on the market, I was excited because it was a "made for purpose" piece of equipment for stabilizing a rifle in the field. I have used other BOG products with satisfaction, why should the Deathgrip™ be any different? Most of the other tripod products on the market are either very expensive, or made originally as camera equipment, which can be confusing because using tripods as a shooting rest can apply a different level of stresses on the tripod than a camera might. I was immediately impressed with the rigidity of the Deathgrip™ tripod and the design of the Deathgrip™ clamp itself. But I quickly discovered that the rifle mount would only pan and tilt, which is a problem in the field because when you pan the rifle, your crosshairs don't stay level. I used the tripod off and on for a year, hunting prairie dogs, deer and coyotes with much frustration. Well-made product, just fell short on the execution.

What the Deathgrip™ needed was a ball mount adapter. A couple years ago, I bought a ball mount and made a prototype adapter to convert the tripod. Game-changer! I field tested the hell out of this thing ever since and can honestly report that I am 100% satisfied with the end result. Our DGA (Deathgrip Adapter) pans and tilts much smoother than the OEM parts and it's a simple matter to lefel the reticle once you're on target. Another plus of our DGA kit is that the Deathgrip™ clamp unit can be quickly removed from the ball mount ARCA slot. Allowing you to use the two included ARCA plates to mount additional field items like a spotting scope, rangefinder, chronograph or digital camera. Or if your rifle is equipped with an ARCA rail, you can slide the rifle directly into the ARCA slot on the ball mount. Which is my preferred mounting method. The Deathgrip™ clamp mount works great, but it's best suited to rifles that you either don't have or don't want to install an ARCA rail on, like a wood stocked rifle.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. This product was desperately needed in our industry as there are a lot of these tripods out there, not being used to the best of their potential.