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Bush to Belly Blog

Marinated Backstrap

Posted by Kim on 20th Aug 2020

In this video I am using the Luke Mangun Chef Knife you'll need: Venison Backstrap - click here for the post on removing a ba … read more

Skinless Venison Sausage (Hamburger)

Posted by Kim on 4th Aug 2020

What you'll need;Venison - of courseAdditional fat - 15 - 20% of the amount of meat, most butchers will have this available.A good butcher's knife, I'm using the F Dick 21cm Butchers knifeA mincer. If … read more

Removing the Shanks for the slow cooker.

Posted by Kim on 28th Jul 2020

In this demonstration I am removing the shanks from both the front and back legs, and cutting to size for the slow cooker. I am using our  Sharp Boning Knife and Butchers SawFront Leg … read more

Boning Out a Front Leg and Cleaning a Backstrap

Posted by Kim on 19th Jul 2020

There are multiple ways to boning out a deer. In this demonstration I am boning out the front leg to put into the mincer (Skinless Sausage Video will be out shortly). I will also show how I clea … read more